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The law of 31 December 1996 ns. 675, recent dispositions for her guardianship of the people and other subjects in comparison to the treatment of the personal data, has been repealed by the legislative decree 30 June 2003 ns. 196, has introduced the new Code in subject of protection of the personal data. To such end, Alterinibus, in quality of autonomous Holder of the treatment, is kept to furnish some information regarding the use of the personal data furnished from you , or otherwise acquired within the respective activity.

Source of the personal data.
The personal data in possession of Alterinibus are picked directly near the clientele or near third party as, to example, in the hypothesis in which is acquired given by society external to thin of commercial information, searches of market, direct offers of products or services. For this last typology of data will be furnished an informative to the action of their registration and however not over the first possible communication. In every case all these data will be treated in the respect of the quoted law and the obligations of reservation which the activity of our Society is always inspired.The following data will be required :

A) It can happen, besides, that in relationship of specific operations or products required by the Client, Alterinibus comes in possession of data that the law defines as "sensitive", because from them, they can infer the possible affiliation of the client to associations or information on his state of health. For their treatment the law asks for a specific demonstration of consent.

Finality of the treatment which the data are destined
The personal data furnished from Clients are essays within the normal activity of Alterinibus and second the following finalities:

Formality of treatment of the data
In relationship to the suitable finalities, the treatment of the personal data goes through manual tools, informatics with correlated logics tightly to the finalities same and, however to guarantee the safety and reservation of the data themselves. In every case the protection is also assured when innovative channels are activated, for instance, telephone bank and kiosks multimedia. The treatment of the data will happen through fit tools in order to guarantee the safety and the reservation of it and it can be also effected through automated tools to memorize, to manage and to transmit the data itself.

Categories of subjects to which the data can be communicated
For the carrying out of the big part of its activity, Alterinibus as all the great enterprises turns also to external societies for reasons of technical and organizational nature, in the installation and management of the relationships with the clientele. It draws, in particular way, of subjects that develop the following activities:

B) it follows that, without the party's consent to the communications to third and the relative treatments, Alterinibus will be able to perform only those operations that don't foresee such communications

We inform you that, if you however ask for the execution of specific operations and different services from those stated above , the execution from Alterinibus has to be intended as provisional demonstration of consent limitedly to the treatments relative to the operations and demanded services.

All the subjects belonging to the categories which are able to be communicated they will use the data as "holder" to the senses of the legislative decree 196/2003, in full autonomy, being extraneous to the native treatment effected near Alterinibus.

The personal data in possession of Alterinibus can be statements to other subjects, that can come to knowledge of it, as "responsable" or "entrusted". The completed list, is constantly updated from the offices and of the persons responsible inside Alterinibus, they treat personal data that is available near the respective Legal Centres of the two Firms.

The personal data treated from the Bank are not an object of diffusion.

Rights of which to the art.7
We inform you, finally, that the art. 7 of the legislative decree 196/2003 confers to the parties the exercise of specific rights. Particularly, the party can get from the Holder the confirmation of the existence or no of own personal data and that such data are put to his disposition in intelligible form. The party can also ask to know the origin of the personal data, the finality and formality of the treatment; the logic applied in case of treatment effected with the aid of electronic tools; the extreme identified you of the holder and of the person responsible; to get cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of law as well as the updating, the rectification or, if there is interest the integration of the data,; to oppose himself for legitimate motives, to the treatment of data that they also concern to the goals of dispatch of advertising material or of direct sale.

The rights in object can be practiced, also through an appointee, through application turned to the responsible person named with letter. In the exercise of the rights, the party can confer in writing, delegation or proxy to physical people, corporate body, associations or organisms. The party is also able, to be assisted from a trusted person.

Further information can be demanded, in writing, near the Legal Centres of Alterinibus.

Holder of the treatment is Alterinibus.