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SAFETY ON BOARD                                                                                                                                                                                         



Journey Planning

Journeys are planned to ensure that drivers can stay safely within the speed limits. Top speeds are governed to sensible limits and all tachograph and driver's hours regulations are carefully observed

Driving time and rest periods

Great attention is dedicated to the respect of driving times and rest times. The hours of operations for the driver are regulated by law. Neither the hirer or passenger shall delay or interrupt the journey in such as way that the driver is breaching regulations. If a breach occurs the hirer is responsible for additional costs incurred.

Regulation (EC) 561/2006 provides a common set of EU rules for maximum daily and fortnightly driving times, as well as daily and weekly minimum rest periods for all drivers of road haulage and passenger transport vehicles, subject to specified exceptions and national derogations. The scope of operations regulated is tremendously diverse, it includes: passenger transport and road haulage operations, both international and national, long and short distance, drivers for own account and for hire and reward, employees and self-employed.

The aim of this set of rules is to avoid distortion of competition, improve road safety and ensure drivers' good working conditions within the European Union.

These rules establish that:

The compliance with these provisions is subject to continuous monitoring and controls, which are carried out on national and international level via checking tachograpgh records at the road side and at the premises of undertakings.


Safety starts with our employees. Alterini Bus Company uses the Ministery of Transportation's medical certification guidelines to ensure that drivers meet the requirements by industry and government agencies. New drivers take part in a training program conducted by older and expert drivers. All our drivers work Exclusively for Alterini Bus Company with a regular contract as employees.
They are perfectly qualified, true professionals, safety conscious and highly trained. According to decree-law nr 81/2008 we test our drivers for alcohol and drugs. The medical visit is preventive (as a condition of employment) and periodical (every year)


To ensure high standard of quality we use only the latest, most technologically advanced touring coaches, purchased brand new and equipped to our own specifications. Our motor coaches go through frequent maintenance inspections including brake systems, suspension and drive train, a through check of the heating and air conditioning systems, inspection of all tires and a review of oil and air lines. We replace critical parts long before necessary.
Each motor coach is inspected regularly in authorized workshops and undergo an annual Ministry of Transport inspection every 12 months.
In addition, our drivers fill an important role in the inspection process and trained to inspect the key aspects of their vehicles prior the departing from our facilities.
This is one key aspect to our success, surety and reliability

Seat Belts

We set up our coaches with lap strap safety belts for all our passengers, several years before the law demanded it. Today, all our coaches have safety belts, and seventy percent of fleet is fitted with three-point inertia safety belts, similar to the ones in your car

Motor Insurance and Public Liability Certificate

All our coaches are insured by UNIPOL-SAI S.p.a. with higher ceilings higher than required by law:

You are covered for personal injury or damage of possessions travelling within our vehicle. we remind you this is not a travel insurance. It is not compulsory to take out further travel insurance although we highly recommend that you do, especially when travelling outside Italy.